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Come join Sylvanesti; a free-form, play-by-post high fantasy RPG!

Sylanesti is free to join and play, no signup or accounts required. All levels of experience in text-based roleplay are welcome! In the past, Sylvanesti has provided a helpful and supportive community for new players looking to develop and hone their skills in role-play, writing and character-creation. After a long hiatus, the owner DragonMists and I are re-opening the site and looking for new players!

If you have any questions about joining, feel free to contact me here on DA, or leave a post on the OOC (Out of Character) board on Sylvanesti (under the 'Afterlife' tab). 

Come to a land where dragons can thrive and live free from the tortures of those who seek them out only for their overwhelming destructive powers, or their hides. 

All creatures are welcomed into our world, where they will not be judged by their strange forms or powers. A mighty guard of five Immortal Guardian Dragons protects the land from war and destruction; each born from an Elemental God, and graced with the strongest powers of the Divine: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. 

But Evil can not be kept out of any one world despite the forces against it, and within the lands of Sylvanesti a darkness is emerging once again; the center of its might an ancient Ruby scepter.

Come, fight our battles. Come, write our stories.

Sylvanesti is home to myriad strange and wonderful beasts, not the least of which is the elegant Graewyp racing dragon. The pride of the royal city of Telgar, Graewyps are a small breed of dragon capable of incredible land speeds and feats of agility. Dragon racing is a popular seasonal spot in Telgar, but even such a long-standing and innocent tradition cannot remain unassailable.

The Acrozor, or "tall beasts" are vicious predators native to the strange wasteland of Isthmar. Resembling a vicious cross between a wolf and a dragon, these creatures stand twice as tall as a horse and hunt in packs. Acrozors will eat almost anything they can catch, but their favourite food has made them an enemy of Telgar: Graewyp meat.

Do you wish to claim one of these stunning dragons for yourself? Or do you wish to tame one of the savage tall beasts that roam the wastes?

The black dragon Deathwish has lived longer than most dare to remember. In his centuries he has gained knowledge and power rivaled only by the demigod Guardian Dragons of Sylvanesti. There is a chance that even this may change.

The Living Darkness, Deathwish, is on the verge of declaring war on the territory of Telgar after agents from the golden city foiled his plot to attain an artifact of immense and evil power, the Ruby Scepter. The black dragon is still on the hunt for the Scepter, but now he is building his armies; drawing to him all manner of dragons and other beasts hungry to share in his power or knowledge.

Far away from Deathwish's influence, in the western reaches of Sylvanesti lies the peaceful city of Telgar, nestled among mountain cliffs that shine with a brilliant gold light in the full sun. It is here that the Golden Queen Shanra, mother of the Graewyp dragons, rules with her rider, the newly crowned Empress Tanis Silverstar.

Telgar has long been at odds with the black dragon Deathwish, who seeks to crush their peaceful kingdom and claim all of Sylvanesti as his own. In the last major confrontation, Deathwish captured the queen Graewyp Shanra and held her for ransom, demanding the powerful and evil artifact called the Ruby Scepter in exchange for her release. However, agents from the city were able to free her and foil the black dragon’s plot.

Now Telgar must amass and train its armies, built of all the free races of Sylvanesti, if it is to stand a chance against the inevitable onslaught of Deathwish’s forces.

Do you lust for battle or arcane secrets? Will you join the Living Darkness in his quest? Or will you take up arms against his forces and defend the free territories of Sylvanesti?
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the first SableGear
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~Art Style: I'm mostly an adapter; I prefer to put my own spin on existing creatures/characters in drawings, sometimes altering existing pictures. I've got a small base of OCs and adopted characters I'm trying to flesh out.
~Writing Style: My fanfic is tangential and expansion-oriented; exploring dimensions of the mythos and characters not obvious in canon. My own stuff is primarily basic fantasy with a touch of the surreal. My poetry is mainly freeverse or has a simple scheme.

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